Ouroboros Project Cheats: Easy Tips for Enemies, Guides for Android/iPhone.

Due to the presence of support, the life of the connectors is still visible. These connectors will give support to supporters without the support of connectors, the sponsor can not kill the world for a long time.
The second connection is like spiritual wealth. But what is the principle of connection? How can people be able to communicate? What kinds of forces are people related to? When they give up, how burdens are they? And therefore
All these questions do not know anything

Nobody knows the history of those people. But weak world and zombies appear together in the world. It is similar to a famous number in history and legends. They have the ability to become stronger than humans, complete the people and the corpse. The world herd is called sponsor
One is rumored that the SPARC organization is planning to bring sponsors of the world. How do they do it, no one knows many sponsors, as soon as it happened, no one knows.
All unknowns are known only by SPARC organization

As zombie problems swept away in the world, human existence was at an important moment. One of Prometheus's hands is running around the world to defend the people against the zombie, their declaration is "User and Recognition", which has been translated as "Spark".
Leader and Sponsor King is Legendary Arthur, which is gentle and honest. King Arthur dedicates himself to save the world and destroy the corpse and make the world a beautiful country.
Spark Lake is in the Pacific fans and there are branches around the world to recruit and save people.

There is no news about themselves, no explanation where they came from, they could be anywhere in the world. They are like zombies in the story, so they are called zombie. Zombies will kill all the animals without discrimination and will change the zombies to patients.
Using the technology currently in the world, the zombies will not be completely destroyed. Due to the safety of personal safety from the human brain, the zombies achieve a strong athletic.
Most people do not have the ability to protect them, there are still other types of different types, of which higher degree of intelligence is kept.

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