Battle Boom Cheats: Easy Tips for Decks, Guides for Android/iPhone.

Detailed info on each rank can be found by clicking the Medal on the main screen.
Aim for Marshal!

How do I add friends?
In Battle Boom, you can battle with your friends. To add your friends, click the “Add Friends” button displayed on the top right corner of the “SOCIAL” menu  , and type in your friends’ Player ID.
Player ID is a combination of alphabet and numeric characters starting with #.
If your friends accept the friend request, then they will become your friends in the game.

Play battles with your friends!
[Note] You can check your Player ID by clicking the Profile. (Red border inside the image)

Is Battle Boom a free game?
You can download and player Battle Boom for free. You can buy and use gems in the game to enjoy, but you can enjoy all the game contents without spending any money.
There are special items you can buy with gems and golds, and gems can be purchased with hard currency.
You can get a small amount of gems from the league box obtained from the game play, or through special events.

My child accidently made a purchase. Can I get a refund?
Purchased in-game items are not refundable by default.

If you purchased from the Apple App Store (iOS):
If you make a purchase on iOS devices, please visit the Apple Support Center and select the inquiry that best suits your needs from: “Contact Apple Support”> “iTunes and Apple Music”> “Purchase, Billing and Exchange.”

What types of units are there?
There for five types of units and these are: Human, Machine, Animal, Building, and Support.
Each unit type are divided into four ranks, which are Common, Rare, Hero, and Legendary.
Legendary units are extremely hard to obtain, but it occasionally comes out from any type of chests (except for Lieutenant Chest and Colonel Chest). If you play hard, you will get the legendary units soon.
The Marshal Chest purchased with the gems contains at least one legendary unit.

If you made a purchase from the Google Play (Android):
Please send an email to [email protected] or contact 4:33 directly by clicking on the “Contact Us” button in the top right corner of the “Settings”>”Customer Service.” Please attach the name of the game and the receipt of your purchase. The receipt must contain the Purchase ID (e.g. GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345). The receipt of your purchase is sent to your email by Google.

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