Trainer Legend Cheats: 2 Easy Tips for a Legendary Guides for Android/iPhone.

How to Catch Zapdos
Zapdos as the first legend pokemon to encounter, of course we cant let it pass, this is also the great opportunity for us ordinary player to ascend, The following is the recommended way for catching it.
Its a good suggestion to catch one Onix at the early stage, the stats of Onix restricts Zapdos, so the damage caused by Zapdos reduced half, then make sure the level of the pokemon, after all, the Zpados is the level 40 legendary pokemon, its could cause some damage even if it has been reduced, so take a lot of potions is necessary. Scizor is the first choice as the output pokemon, which can get from the first-recharge reward. last you could have one Oddish, and learn Flash skill ( the skills are sold in the store) together with hypnosis powder to cause Zapdos unlimited hypnosis, reduce and miss the hit.
Pokemon prepared, lets start the catch
First round using the large spray, or the middle spray if no large one, no need to save, its a good luck if zapdos cant use attack skills, using hypnosis if its not died, the chance for hypnosis is 75%,if this time the Zapdos not use the attack skills and the hypnosis works, Congratulations! The Zapdos fall into sleep at least for 3 rounds, then unlimited Flash skill! hypnosis when it wakes up ,using spray when it finish, using the flash skill to reduce the chance of hit ,unluckly been killed , change pokmon and revive to come again. continue to hypnosis if you have more hypnosis and flash pokemon, until there is a tip to show that cant reduce the chance of hit any more. then you find out that the Zpados didnt hit you even one time, as the usage of Scizor is to attack Zapdos into low HP, finally good luck with the poke ball!

Pokemon System Part Ⅰ
Hey trainers , for you guys better understanding the pokemon, now i would like to give a comprehensive introduction of it from all aspects.hope it can help you adventure in the fantasy land easier!
Attributes of pokemon: element, character, hp, PHY ATK, PHY DEF, Special ATK, Special DEF, Speed, Accuracy level, Evasion level and CT.
Pokemon elements
he horizontal row represents the skill attribute of the attacker, the vertical row represents the defender attribute(*2 for double damage  1/2 for half damage ×for attack invalid null value is 1)
Total damage for double type pokemon have to multiply like the Red Scizor,belongs to insects and steel type,restricted by fire type, so it’s four times damage!
3Invalid times any value equal invalid
Elements restriction sheet

Pokemon Elements
1.2Pokemon character
1. Balance character and non balance character.
2. Obtain one character from all 25 ones when pokemon born
3. Balance character , all attribute bonus coefficient is 1
Non balance character, the bias attribute bonus coefficient is 110%, weaken attribute bonus coefficient is 90%, other attributes bonus coefficient are all 1.

 1.3 Pokemon attribute relation
HP:pokemon’s blood flow , 0 HP means in dying situation, can’t go battle
Phy atk: attack value reference the phy atk skill
Phy def: defend value reference the phy def skill
Special atk: attack value reference the special atk skill
Special def: defend value reference the special def skill
Speed: standard to  decide the battle orders

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