World War Mobile Cheats: Redeem Code Exchange & 3 Easy Tips for Wars, Guides for Android/iPhone.

World War Mobile by Reality Squared Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

World War Mobile Tip #1: Buildings.
City Hall: Main building. Upgrade of City Hall unlocks other buildings.
The level of City Hall determines the level cap of all the other buildings;
Munitions Factory: Forge Equipment;
Radar: Detects and recons other players' cities and their troops in the world;
Warehouse: Protect resources from being raided by other players. The higher level the warehouse reaches, the more resources it could protect;
Command Center: Determines the max number of campaign troops. Upgrade of Command Center increases that number;
Research Center: Conduct various researches; Fraternity: Add friends and check friends' files; Barracks: Recruit infantrymen; Tank Factory: Make tanks; Cannon Factory: Make cannons;
Weapon Factory: Make defenses; Embassy: Ask for help from legion members with constructions and researches;
Tactical Department: Amass troops from legion members;
Market: Convey resources to other legion members;
Container: Sign in;
City Wall: Determines city defense value. It is the requisite of city hall upgrade; Grain Field: Produces grain;
Hospital: Heals wounded units. Upgrade of hospital increases capacity of wounded units;
Apartment: Determines the max number of recruit and recruit speed. Upgrade of Apartment increase that number and the speed;
Steel Mill: Produces steel;
Oil Field: Produces oil;
Uranium Plant: Produces Uranium;
Train Station: Fulfills transportation missions to get resource rewards.

World War Mobile Tip #2: Units and Troops.
Research the Transport Vehicle technology in City tab page of Research Center or use talent points on some talents of the commander to improve the number of campaign troops and improve their marching speed. Improve the VIP level and you can also add 1 campaign queue.

Those units of lower levels can still be of great use after you unlocked units of higher levels. They, compared with the latter, sport higher load, lower grain consumption and therefore are a good choice for collecting, battling, and resource transportation in the World. On the other hand, those units of higher levels are what you use in city defense battles and attack battles. Actually you'd better use advanced units only in those cases.

You can get units such as Infantry from Barracks, tanks from Tank Factory, cannons from Cannon factory, while defenses from Weapon Factory.

Units that are effective are offensive units of each type and use them in the following proportion: infantry (40%), tanks (30%), cannon (30%).

4 types of units exist in the game and they are infantry, tank, cannon, and defense. And each can be further divided into offensive defense and offensive defense.

World War Mobile Tip #3: Talents.
It is recommended to collect enough resources first. Therefore, the advised order for talent upgrades is development, battle and then assist.

In Assist, talents on the left should be on your priority so as to improve recruit speed and efficiency.

Since you need lots of grain and steel in early stage, you'd better use your talent points to upgrade Agriculture and Steel Refining.

It is highly advised to spend talent points on infantry and tanks before anything else when it comes to battle talents.

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