TANGO 5 Cheats: Coupon Codes & 5 Easy Tips to Win, Guides for Android/iPhone.

TANGO 5 Game by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

TANGO 5 Tip #1: Know the difference between Yellow and Blue tiles!

There are two types of tiles in Tango 5: Yellow and Blue.

The difference lies in the distance and cooltime.

Selecting a yellow tile will let you move further distance, but it requires cooltime until the next action.

Selecting a blue tile will let you move only short distance, but you can take another action right after without cooltime.

This cartoon below shows the difference between each tile.

Taking this into consideration will greatly help you manage movements and cooltimes in matches!

TANGO 5 Tip #2: Three Ways to Win!

There are three ways to win a match.

‘Annihilation’ is achieved by eliminating all enemies within the time.

‘Round Timer’ is achieved when your teal holds more Control Points at the end of the timer.

‘Total Victory’ is achieved as soon as your team captures all Control Points at the same time.

You can win a round by achieving at least one of these three ways, so you must always see which ways is most fit according to different situations.

If none of the above three is achieved until the end of the timer, there will be ‘over time.’

In ‘over time,’ the time it takes to capture each Control Point gradually gets faster.

In normal situations, it takes 10 seconds to capture a Pont, whereas during ‘over time,’ it takes shorter as time passes.

TANGO 5 Tip #3: Control Point gauge decreases when attacked!

In order to achieve Round Timer victory or Total victory, it’s very important to capture Control Points.

Capturing a Control Point is very simple as you only need to stand on it for a certain period, but the gauge decreases by the damage you received from the enemy.

(This explains why you must look out for attacks while capturing a Control Point.)

This would also mean that you must deal damage to the enemy standing on a Control Point in order to prevent them from capturing.

TANGO 5 Tip #4: Watch out for attacks of the allies!

If you have already been playing Tango 5, you might have experience of attacking an ally while you were trying to attack an enemy.

In Tango 5, there is a system called ‘Friendly Fire System.’

When using a skill, if the allies are in the attack range, they will receive damage as well.


Therefore, you must consider the attack range and the situation when using a skill.

TANGO 5 Tip #5: Make good use of medkits and Supply Boxes!

Don’t you worry when your HP gets too low!

Each character starts out with one medkit in possession, and there are Supply Boxes throughout the map which could help you recover.

Supply Boxes not only heal, but they also provide the following benefits:

>> Heals HP partially, provides one medkit (can only possess one at a time), reloads weapon fully.

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