Pixie League Cheats: 6 Easy Tips for Pixies, Guides for Android/iPhone.

Pixie League by v2ingame

Pixie League Tip #1: Recommended Beginners Line-Up.
According to the characteristics of the Front, Middle and the Back.
Front: Rayquaza/Zekrom/Giratina, both of them have their own advantages.
Middle: Heatran/Darkrai/Kyogre, attack coverage is different, each with advantages.
Back: Ho-oh/Shaymin/Zygarde/Genesect, strongly attack, control, HP recover, Morale recovery, each with advantages.

Pixie League Tip #2: Morale.
Morale control skill release when fighting, initial morale is 50 points.
Normal attack can restore 50 points morale, 100 points moral can be release skills.
After the release of skill, all morale is exhausted.
The initial morale of the combat can be improved through the amulet equipment.

Pixie League Tip #3: Upgrade Level.
Pass plot instance and elite instance can get a lot of EXP.
After upgrade, can unlock new function, receive level giftpack.
Pass plot instance and elite instance need consumption vigor.
Every day at 12:00 and 18:00 can receive 50 vigor in magic tree.
Upgrade VIP can increase vigor purchase limit.
Deputy leader upgrade need to consume a certain amount of pixie material or gold.
Deputy leader upgrade per 10 level can activate the corresponding level talent.
Front: DEF Talent, Middle: ATK Talent, Back: HP Talent.

Pixie League Tip #4: Line Up Bonuses.
A 12 level Leader can play 4 pixies while 15 level Leader can play 5 pixies.
Each position have corresponding attribute bonus.
Front Position can substantial increase HP and DEF to the played pixies but will greatly reduce attack.
Middle Position can add 15% ATK to played Pixies.
Back Position can add 5% SPD to played Pixies.

Pixie League Tip #5: Star.
Each attribute enhance after Pixie up star, per attribute growth significantly.
Deputy leader needs to consume star stone and the similar pixies card up to 12 stars.
Up star also need to consume gold, higher star level, more gold consumption.
Guild shop and plot instance can get star stone.

Pixie League Tip #6: Enhance Equipment.
Upgrade the equipment can greatly enhance the attributes, higher quality improve more.
Upgrade equipment need to consume after equipment, equipment EXP or gold.
Equipping suit, purple quality above equipment upgrade to 10 level, can get the overall upgrade bonus.
Specific Pixie equips the equipment with suffix can activate the letters of a equipment, ATK, HP Blood attributes bonus is significantly.
Only equipped above 4 purple equipment, can activate 4 suit of purple effect.

Obtaining Important Resources.

Star Stone.

  • Plot instance can gain star stone.
  • Guild shop can use contribution to exchange star stone.
  • Poke Spot and Deep Colosseum have massive star stone rewards.


  • Refine purple pixie or s-pixie can gain souls.
  • Souls are available in the treasure island everyday.
  • Challenge s-pixie chapter chest and star chest can gain souls.

Skill Points.

  • First pass the plot and elite instance can obtain the skill points.
  • Have chance to received the skill points in magic tree.
  • Open gold or diamonds chest have chance to get skill stone.


  • Visit magic tree can get a lot of gold.
  • Plot and elite instance can get gold.
  • Poke Spot and Deep Colosseum and other activities also can be obtained gold.

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