ExoGears 2 Cheats: 6 Easy Tips for Exo, Guides for Android/iPhone.

ExoGears 2 by Zombot Studio Inc. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Exo Gears 2 Tip #1: Attacking and Avoiding Enemy Attacks.
There are several different ways to attack, so it will be up to you to come up with the best strategy.
Your Exo will always have one blade and one gun equipped that you can use in combat.
You can use the gun button from distance to fire bullets at the enemy or the blade for close range attacks.
Each blade and gun also have special attacks that can be activated. These change based on the specific blade or gun that you have equipped.
The best way to avoid enemy attacks is with the great positioning of your Exo. Some attacks you can avoid using the Virtual Joystick, but others require a more urgent movement.
You can use the Strafe button while moving to dash in that direction. This is useful when the enemy is shooting a projectile in your direction or if you are in too close and about to be hit with a blade.
It's very hard to hit an enemy when you are not locked on to them.
You move a little slower when locked on, but it is definitely worth it.
The lock on button is on the left side of the screen and acts as a toggle.
Tap it once to target the enemy, tap it again and you will disengage.

Exo Gears 2 Tip #2: 1v1 Ranked and 1v1 Unranked.
In Ranked, you can gain and lose arena points that will move you up or down the leaderboard. Advancing into higher leagues will allow better crates to drop and give a better opportunity to find rare parts.
Unranked is more casual, but still gives you the opportunity to test your skill against other players.

Exo Gears 2 Tip #3: "EMPTY" slots.
These are slots available to store Crates that are won from player vs. player matches.
When you receive a Crate, it will be shown here for you to open.
All PvP Crates require a certain amount of time before you can open them, but the longer it takes, the better the contents could be!

Exo Gears 2 Tip #4: Skill Ability & Training Mode.
Skill Abilities are based on the equipment that you have equipped to your Exo.
If you noticed that your Skill Abilities have changed, check the parts you have equipped and see if they have different Skill Abilities.
Training mode gives you the opportunity to practice movement and the other basic skills with an Exo. This is an excellent mode for beginners, but also a good way to test out an Exo's new super moves before launching into combat with another player.

Exo Gears 2 Tip #5: Getting Equipment.
Currently, new equipment almost exclusively comes from Crates.
You can receive crates from a few different ways.
First, you have a completely free crate that you can open every 8 hours in the SHOP.
This will only stack 2 crates, so be sure to come back often to collect them!
Second, is through Crates dropped during Player vs. Player combat.
These typically have better parts than the free crate, but take additional time to open and can only be done one at a time.
The higher your league, the better the crate contents!
Third are key drops from Player vs. Player combat.
When you collect enough keys, you can open a key box crate in the SHOP.
The fourth way to receive crates is to spend Credits to purchase them in the SHOP.
These have a good chance of getting something rare that can really improve your Exo!

Exo Gears 2 Tip #6: Recon Mission.
Your crew member will leave the ship for a short time with one of your extra Exos.
When they return, they will receive experience and cores that can be used to improve parts.
Recon Missions require a Crew Member and a spare Exo for them to take out on their mission.
If you don't have a spare Exo, you can buy one in the Hangar by tapping on the Exo Frame list below your Exo Display.

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