Chef Wars Cheats: 4 Easy Tips for Being the Best Chef, Guides for Android/iPhone.

Chef Wars by Mindcake for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Chef Wars Tip #1: Recipes.
Combine 3 to 6 ingredients by dragging them to the pot. You can remove ingredients by pressing clear or clicking on the ingredient in the pot.

Get the right combo or train up your chef's Creativity to have a better chance of discovering something.

Even if you don't have all the ingredients, there's always a chance to discover something. Check the percentage on the pot.

If you click the recipe image, you can learn more about it! There's a link at the top left to make the recipe at home too!

Warning! Some inventions still fail even if you have all the right ingredients! Your chef's creativity may be too low!

Chef's can't learn recipes if their recipe slots are full! We start with 5, and unlock up to 20 via Brain Booster trainings.

You can also free up slots by forgetting recipes. Click on a dish's image to open the recipe's details, then click the pot with the red X.

Any chef can then re-learn recipe discovered by your team using gems! No ingredients needed! Go to the recipe Library and go to the recipe details again!

Upgrading increases your recipes power! To upgrade, just infuse ingredients to a learned recipe!

The higher your chef's tenacity, the more power added per ingredient! Rare ingredients also add more power!

I heard if you use a full set of ingredients during upgrade, you get bonus power.

Chef Wars Tip #2: Chefs.
Chef's also have 3 unique traits that amplify their power in a fight! First one is already revealed, and you unlock 2 more as you train and level up!

Example, I'm good with french dishes (french artist trait), so I get +10% power when cooking french dishes.

Creativity improves your invention chances and gives more ingredients at the market.

Tenacity improves your upgrades and gives rarer ingredients at the market.

Traits are unique to each chef! You can unlock 2 more per chef, and they give special bonuses.

Scroll down for more trainings like brain booster, which gives your chef an extra recipe slot! At higher levels, you can also unlock new traits.

Whether it is a success or not, it all helps! You will get points for failure and as you level up, you unlock more trainings.

When you have extra cash, remember to train up your chefs.

Pick a chef, and 3 to 5 ingredients to try for a new recipe! You can only invent if you have extra recipe slots. Forget recipes to free up slots.

Practice with a recipe's ingredients to increase it's power. The more ingredients you use, the higher potential increase.

Beating Bosses let's you unlock more cities, which move the story forward! As I said, many special fights and recruitable chefs can only be found in big cities.

Chef Wars Tip #3: Final Showdown.
Baron Location fights reveal where Baron von Pork is for our final showdown.

You can only unlock them after winning your first Cheffy in the Cheffy Awards! Then you must either fight all the bosses all the way to the end, or finish any chef's personal missions!

Recruits show chefs who may join your team! You need to reach their home city and beat them in battle!
Some only fight you if you bring their friend or loved one.

Finally Missions are personal stories your chef's go through! It might take awhile to finish, but you'll get big rewards and baron's location revealed in the end!

Chef Wars Tip #4: Other Tips.

You can earn or lose fame in battles, and from the choices you make when confronted with special situations! Choose wisely.

Each judge cares about different things - Themes, Recipe Power or their own Preferences.  We can use this to our benefit!

You can see how the judges scored by pressing the question mark beside their scores.

Unlike cities, towns are always unlocked! You can find better ingredients and easier neighborhood battles.

You can visit the market, fight in battles, or visit the tavern.

Choose which chef hunts for ingredients by paying the fee! What you get depends on what's fresh that day, and a bit of luck.

Each town has their specialties. You can get more potatoes and dairy. In Asia, you get more rice and noodles.

You can get rarer ingredients if your chef has high tenacity. Remote towns also have rare finds. So go and explore.

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