Boonk Gang Cheats: Easy Tips for Gangs, Guides for Android/iPhone.

The light stick makes you extremely fast and also changes your inevitable. Although this may be useful for snacking the dollar on the map, it is difficult to control the checking at Boonk.

If you make money, the plug-in becomes randomly random. Although they have some different effects, because most of these points against your dissatisfaction for a short period of time.

The pistons contain a shield that keeps all enemies and protects you when you go out. Note: the "Effect" shield remains visible for one second after its actual distribution, and at that point you can die.

The head is dressed and allows you to lose in a race without dying. (Essential to inevitability.)

The power-on will remain on the screen until you get it, so do not hesitate to force or face the danger. Wait until it is safe - and ideal if there are many dollars - and then go home.

The Bullhorn stays on the screen every time you collect it, opening the midfield. It also provides temporary inadmissibility against retiring enemies, but there is no way to tell when it goes, so it is best to use the dangers before using the memo.

If you play in portrait, there is a lot of horizontal space on each side, then you turn left or right on one second. The enemies will never win you: when they have the edge, they will rest. You can manage the screen, so you can drag one, then deselect and re-edit where you are.

First and foremost: play in landscape mode. It's a little too much, with sunscreens, extra space too and the end of the game screen overlaps, but that makes all the difference. It ensures you place your fingers on the edges and not block the actual play when it hits. This view also attracts something to listen to, which shows more of the game: in portrait, there is much more space "outside".

In which mode you play, use the screen for your benefit. The screen works as in PAC-MAN, so the top of the Boonk book returns to the bottom right, right, left, left, and so on.

Express warnings for their presence by writing "Fis-Oh!" You can see the border of this dialog before registering to see where the new voltages have appeared.

As with the forces, the dollar disappears as once caught, so your time to get it. Do not let yourself fall into a group of politicians to crawl a dollar: wait until an opening - or you have a strength - and go back. It is easier to get everything at once with a single force, or to get it drip to take one account at a time.

You can always walk safely in pedestrians. Those passers-by with yellow circles below them will fall into a dollgear when you first approach, but they remain as neutral wanderers. You will support pedestrians if they walk, right, you can use them as a human shield between Boonk and other dangers.

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Boonk Gang Cheats: Easy Tips for Gangs, Guides for Android/iPhone. Boonk Gang Cheats: Easy Tips for Gangs, Guides for Android/iPhone. Reviewed by Alexa Young on September 26, 2017 Rating: 5
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